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Mallet Mania
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Mallet Mania is the puzzle game you've been waiting for! The interface has been designed to resemble the popular Windows game Minesweeper, but the game itself is a brand-new concept.

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You can try version 2.3 and Mallet Mania Tournaments even if you have previously installed a trial version of Mallet Mania!

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The aim of the game is to flatten every grey square on the grid as fast as possible - the numbers tell you how many times each square needs to be hit before it's flattened.

The problem is that the mallet you use to hit them with isn't a very precise instrument, and it will hit several squares at the same time. What's more, hitting areas that are already flat would cause a dent and is not allowed, so completing the grid isn't as easy as it looks...

The latest version of Mallet Mania features:

Various different mallets - mallets of all shapes and sizes, some with 2 or 4 rotations!
High score tables - a separate table for each level and mallet.
Online stats & info page - upload any scores you like and show the world!
Custom grids & mallets - with numerous customizable options.
Weekly online tournaments - play a new competition every week against players across the world!

Mallet Mania is shareware. You can download and try it for free, but to continue using it after the trial period, you will need to buy the full version.

Download Mallet Mania 2 Trial

The original Mallet Mania (v1.01) is still available here.


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